Our Services

As a Public Accounting Firm, the major part of our practice lies in the provision of audit and accounting services.  The principal service being the independent audit when we examine a Company’s financial statements.

We can act as statutory auditors, reporting whether the financial statements comply with Nigerian Legal requirements, or as reporting accountants to the actual or prospective investors.  As reporting accountants, we may be requested to perform “full scope” examinations or to adapt our scope in line with more limited reporting objectives.

Special purpose reports, such as those necessary to facilitate an acquisition or those relating to examination of specific aspects of financial statements, represents a significant portion of our practice.  We also perform a number of other services such as training programmes and the development of Internal Audit Department for clients.  Because our Audit involves the review of clients accounting procedures and systems, it is our normal practice to inform management of any improvement we feel could be made to safeguard and control assets, to strengthen the clients’ internal control and accounting procedures, and to improve profitability and efficient management of resources.

In our work, we employ the highest of standards, laying particular emphasis on technical training and proficiency, independence and excellence of professional performance.  As to each individual engagement, we employ the standards and procedures prescribed by Nigerian and leading international accounting bodies.  Our executives and staff are active members of these professional organisations.


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