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Our taxation services are the second element in the firm’s professional services to clients.  They provide a natural continuation of our audit and accountancy services and because the knowledge gained of a Company’s affairs during the audit would enable us to offer valuable advice on fiscal prospects/problems.

We also offer excellent Tax Management Services to companies who are not our audit clients.

We have, from experience, observed that personal contact with the Federal Inland Revenue Inspectors yields very fruitful and fast results.  We render this personalised service, which most large firms do not do. 

We specifically assist our clients in the following Tax Management Services:

  1. Companies Income Tax
  2. Capital Allowances/Taxation Computations
  3. Attending to tax queries issued by Inspector of Taxes
  4. Agreement of Accounts with the Federal Inland Revenue Service
  5. Payment of Assessments to designated bank
  6. Withholding Tax Management in respect of Limited Liability Companies.
  7. Tax planning & Advisory Services.
  1. Value Added Tax
  2. Rendition of monthly returns to the Federal Inland Revenue Service (VAT Division)
  3. Attending to queries issued by VAT Inspectors
  4. Agreement of returns with VAT Inspectors.
  1. Personal Income/With-holding Tax
  2. Monthly rendition of returns and remittance of P.A.Y.E tax deductions to relevant state Revenue office.
  3. Procurement of Tax Clearance Certificate for clients’ staff.
  4. Attending to P.A.Y.E/WHT Auditors/Tax Consultants.
  5. Provision of relevant guidelines/amendments to personal income tax legislation.
  6. Provision of guidelines on contracts and services that attract Withholding Tax (for State Governments).
  1. Other Tax Management Services
  2. Handling of applicable Capital Gains Tax assignment
  3. Double Taxation handling
  4. International Tax assignments
  5. Procurement of Acceptance Certificates for fixed Assets Acquisition i.e. from the Inspectorate Division of the Federal Ministry of Industries.
  6. Procurement of International Tax Clearance Certificate.
  7. Special assignments i.e. in respect of Corporate Tax Audit and investigation P.A.Y.E/Withholding

Apart from ensuring that the tax provisions of our clients are adequate and comply with Nigerian Legal requirements, a greater part of our services relates to fiscal planing and advice.  Here, we are concerned with enabling our clients to obtain the maximum benefits from relevant national legislation.


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